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Friday, June 1, 2012

Dear June....

minta maaf banyak-banyak..huhuu lama tak update..almaklum la, aku dah final year second semester ni >_< ada projek pulak tu..aiyaaa memamg akan jarang-jarang la update..aku nak taip dalam BI ni dah..dalam BI je diari la

Dear June, we meet's been a rough May and thank goodness it ended...quite well i think..June, remember how excited I was few years back when you were coming? the first day, second, third until the ninth..and then tenth..because it is the start of remember?

it was as if yesterday, when the stupid phone was under my elbow and how this right elbow pressed the green button on the phone accidentally..the beginning of favourite of my absolute favourite moments

yeah, it was years just triggers the memories back when you come around, June..i've just realized, what happened on last May..we both know the fact..the fact that i still have this feelings and we both didn't even know why or how..that has happened, we've become, someone really put us on the stage of strangers..i don't understand why she did that..insecure? maybe...

we are strangers with a past..and what happened in May made me realized that i don't miss you..i miss the way you made me feel..calling me by my name, telling and advising me like you used to, make me feel safe when you're around..the moment you said sorry, the pain was gone..i was longed to hear it from you..

at least i know he's okay, alive and well..physically..not that i known of his heart though..but i know he's fine..i love him enough that i want that..very much..i want him to have what's best for him..i want him to change to what he is supposed to be, like just that, i wish i am around to see all that..praying night and day, so that he comes to his senses, realizing that he has wasted too much time...

i won't come back for you..with you..but i can't confirm anything..nope..

kalau ada masa kita, ditakdir yang Esa, cukuplah buatku di sana
kau sinar hati ini, biarpun hanya sesaat di sisi
kau nafas akhirku, kau yang di hati
-Buatku Di Sana--Mafa ft Ronnie-

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~maaf kerana penggunaan 'aku' pada yang lebih berusia~

9 tHis girL's lovers commenting:

~~oOpEt~~ said...

shoutbox can't access..

Mra Mastura said...

every day, we were taught of something. :)

takecare. abaikan manusia insecure.

Detective Fiqa said...

wowww tibe tibe ada gambar naruto and sakura :) sweet :D

~~oOpEt~~ said...

peminat naruto? heehee. klik chrup2 sni :P

Zul De Alexis said...

erkk..gambar naruto? hehehe..

Encik Atan said...

jgn bimbang atan ade...bhaha =____=!

Cik Kay Jue said...

suka ayat kat psst~ tu.. :)

wah... pandainya english... huhuhu.. ckj tak pandai...

caliph shuriken said...

bila sakura mula terbuka hati menerima naruto seadanya ^^

misyamissyou said...

~~oOpEt~~: boleh je..huhuu tak la minat sangat pun cume suke naruto ngan sakura :)

Mra Mastura: yep..hmm manusia insecure ni payah..

Detective Fiqa: hehe ade maksud tersirat gmbar tu dik heee :D

Zul De Alexis: haha

Encik Atan: hahaha :P

Cik Kay Jue: ayat psst~ tu lagu....lorhh alhamdulillah sikit2 boleh la..tak ada la pandai sangat..

caliph Shuriken: hahaa ececeh.. :D


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